Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allie's 4th birthday party at Build A Bear!!

This year for Allie's Birthday we decided to take her to Build A Bear. It was so much fun for her and her friends. She got to ask her cousins Ryan, Sidney, MiKayla, Colby Dylan and her Best friend Bridgette. We told Allie that she could pick out whatever she wanted to build. And of course she picked out Hello Kitty. The girl that was running the party was so much fun, they played games and laughed so much.  Here are a few pictures from the party!! I also want to tell my Dad and Mom Thank you so much for everything that you help with for Allie's Party and We Love you!!

          Kamryn and Sidney drying their Bears
        Allie and Bridgette drying their bears.
            Kami getting her Bear Fluffed!
   The Birthday Party guests playing games!
         Allie hugging Hello Kitty for the 1st time!!

     Allie getting Hello Kitty Fluffed!!


The Beardall's said...

What a great party. Bridgette's bear is the bomb. Thanks for taking her.

Guy and Donna Johnson said...

Looks like Allie had a great Party, I am not surprised she chose " HELLO KITTY "

curtis03 Lewis said...

Looks like the kids had an amazing time at Allie’s birthday celebrations. Build-a-Bear is certainly a great place for kids’ parties, have been there a few times myself. My son is turning 14 next week and I guess he’s a bit older for teddy bears now. But I am planning to organize a cool party for him at one of the outdoor venues in Chicago.